New Magix II

New at New Live

Promises are made, promises are kept, and the new New Live products arrive in June.

After more than 1100 units delivered since the beginning of its marketing, the Magix leaves its place to the Magix II !


Many of you have asked us questions following our last post on the networks and we thank you.

The main advantages of the Magix II are the following

  • Even more compact, so you can move around freely, indoors and outdoors.
    58cm chassis width and – 3cm total length
  • Optimized comfort with the addition of suspensions and a wide choice of cushions and backrests
  • The softening of the crossings of sidewalk up to 15 cm
  • The use of a lithium battery guaranteed for 3 years
  • A new customizable design

The Magix II is still made in France, manufactured in our workshop in Betschdorf in Alsace.


And to accompany this new product, our logo has been redesigned. This new logo is pure and simple and carries the DNA of New Live.

So when is your Magix II trial scheduled?

Contact your medical equipment retailer and ask for a free trial from our occupational therapists.

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