Electric wheelchair

Magix 2

The Magix II indoor and outdoor electric wheelchair adapts to your daily life. Its ultra-compact size and innovative 6-wheel drive system allow it to go to places that are considered inaccessible.

Our advanced technology allows it to be as comfortable in narrow passages and corridors as it is behind the wheel of an adapted car or under a table.

The Magix II is also an all-terrain wheelchair, capable of negotiating slopes, wooded, paved and snow-covered roads with comfort and safety.

Its crossing capacity allows you to go up on sidewalks up to 15cm in all independence.

















Technical specifications

Magix 2 electric wheelchair

The best of French manufacturing for the independence and mobility of our users. Our adult and child electric wheelchair accompanies you on a daily basis, indoors and outdoors. Escape and freedom is no longer a dream, it is Magix.

Dimensions of Magix 2 electric wheelchair


  • Width of rolling base 58 cm /23 in
  • Length of folded footrest 91 cm / 36 in
  • Seat height 40 – 80 cm / 15.7 – 31 in (under cushion)
  • Seat depth 250 –  550 mm / 9.8 – 21.6 in
  • Seat width 250 – 560 mm / 9.8 – 23.2 in  (between armrests)
  • Max. user weight 140 kg / 308 lbs
  • Min. weight of chair with battery 132 kg / 291 lbs
  • Minimum turning radius 520 mm / 20,4 in
magix2 new live fauteuil roulant électrique assise
magix2 new live fauteuil roulant électrique dossier


Ultra-compact electric wheelchair


All-path electric wheelchair

Made in France

In Alsace in our workshop recognized as an adapted company



Width of rolling base max. 58 cm


Obstacle jumper

Up to 15 cm / 5,9 in



Option / equipment / color

new live magix2 fauteuil roulant made in france gris
fauteuil roulant électrique lift magix2 New Live
fauteuil roulant électrique intérieur new live magix 2
new live magix2 fauteuil roulant électrique bleu

Drive base

The Magix II is a 6-wheel all-wheel drive electric wheelchair


  • Electric lift 400 mm to 800 mm
  • Crossing up to 15 cm*.
  • Motorization 6 km/h and 10km/h
  • Available in 4 standard colors (white, red, blue and grey)
  • Lithium battery guaranteed for 3 years
  • LED lighting kit
  • Clothes guard, thigh brace
  • Belt of basin, buckle type automobile
magix2 newlive fauteuil roulant adulte

Backrest and seat

Customize the cushions of your electric wheelchair


  • Material, fabric or custom size, we offer several solutions for your comfort.
  • Electric backrest tilt** 90° to 160
  • Electric seat tilt** -10° to +37
  • V-Track backrest available on our order forms



mini newlive fauteuil roulant électrique extérieur 6 roues magix2

Leg rests

Leg rests available on electric wheelchairs


  • Single pallet footrest with adjustable height
  • Separate pallet with 2 fixed arms
  • Monopallet on central electric leg rest with compensation, inclination from 90° to 165
  • Separate pallet with 2 separate electrically compensated leg rest mechanisms
  • Several sizes of calf rests
fauteuil roulant électrique voiture adaptée conduite

Evolving electronics

Electronic controls and equipment available on the electric wheelchair


  • R-Net control system
  • Led manipulator without screen
    CJSM1 or CJSM2 joystick (color LCD screen, infrared and Bluetooth)
  • Companion control
  • Cylinder control module
  • USB charger and R-Net multi-socket kit
  • Special controls on request


new live fauteuil roulant lift magix2

Armrests and

Armrests, liftable with compensation
  • Standard armrest in molded polyurethane
  • Comfort armrest
  • Honeycomb comfort
Headrest always available in large or small version
  • Molded polyurethane
  • Comfort cushion
  • Flexible
magix2 newlive fauteuil roulant électrique made in france


The Magix II is a customizable electric wheelchair


  • Mudguards for the 6 wheels
  • Central wheels with puncture proof insert
  • Custom RAL color
  • Customizable message back plate
  • 4-point harness
  • Retractable shelf 600 x 450 mm
  • Folding of the backrest on the seat
newlive magix2 fauteuil roulant électrique rouge

















fauteuil roulant électrique assise dossier new live magix II
fauteuil roulant électrique repose pieds new live Magix II
fauteuil roulant électrique plaque arrière
fauteuil roulant électrique dossier pliant new live magix II
fauteuil roulant électrique tablette magix II new live
fauteuil roulant électrique commande tiers personne magix II new live

Frequently asked questions

Magix 2 electric wheelchair

What are the differences between the Magix electric wheelchair and the Magix II?
  • Comfort with the addition of suspensions, new cushion and backrest
  • Lithium battery guaranteed for 3 years
  • More compact, 58cm wide frame (-2cm)
  • Simplified adjustments
  • New design

And much more

Is the Magix II an all-terrain electric wheelchair?

The Magix II is an all-terrain electric wheelchair.
It can travel on wooded, paved, steep or snowy trails.
It will not roll in sand, high grass, woods or mud.

Is the Magix 2 a suitable electric wheelchair for children?

The Magix 2 is an evolving electric wheelchair. Thanks to its numerous adjustments, it can be adapted to the needs of children and adults. It will be able to accompany very well a child during its growth for example.

What are the advantages of the lithium battery for an electric wheelchair?
  • The possibility of offering a 3 year warranty
  • Full charge in 7h30
  • Interruption of charge possible (as for a cell phone)
  • Partial charge allowed (charging during the day to increase autonomy)
  • These batteries are less sensitive and generate less after-sales intervention
  • 1 lithium battery is equivalent to 2 batteries 12v 80 Ah lead
  • Average autonomy of 30km
Is the Magix electric wheelchair still available for sale?

The Magix is no longer available for sale. All new Magix orders placed after 01/06/2021 will be switched to the Magix II.

Who do I contact if I have questions about ordering my Magix II electric wheelchair?

If you have any questions about ordering your Magix 2 power wheelchair, please contact the dealer from whom your NEW LIVE product was ordered.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my Magix II?

If you have any questions or problems with a NEW LIVE product, please contact the dealer from whom the product was purchased. We are still available to help you if needed.

Where can I find the user manual for the first Magix?
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