Magix II

electric wheelchair

Clearing Obstacles

Magix II

NEW LIVE’s new electric wheelchair model is finally available


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Our business

Specialist in the design and manufacture of medical equipment made in France for over 10 years. Creator of the Magix, the mixed electric wheelchair, obstacle-crossing.

Family business

Dynamic and human, we continue to nurture our family spirit over the years

Product Made in France

The Magix 2 is manufactured in our workshop recognized as an Adapted Company in Alsace

User priority

Research and development around our products is constant to ensure the best technology for our users

Quality and innovation

Because each person is unique, we do our utmost to assist users in their choice

Mobility and autonomy

Our aim is to restore freedom of movement to everyday life

Guarantees and Services

Our products are guaranteed and have an after-sales service

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Photo de la famille Ohruh

Our mission

Develop your mobility

NEW LIVE’s philosophy is to contribute to the autonomy and freedom of people with reduced mobility in order to improve their daily life.

For reasons often related to material inadequacies, many disabled people live in institutions and far from their families.

NEW LIVE was created by Mr. Michel Ohruh who was confronted with the mobility problems of his daughter Megane. Handicapped following an accident and then a failure in the care of an IEM, Mégane lost the ability to walk and the facility to go towards others.

Mégane’s thirst for freedom and her needs were the driving force behind the project to design a wheelchair for Mr Orhuh. The wheelchair had to be compact, able to negotiate pavements and at the same time be fun and versatile – in short, Magix.

What users are saying

“The New Live Magix is aptly named, thanks to it I discovered what it is to have legs!

Since its arrival on 8 December 2016 I have never felt unsafe in my movements, I have never wondered whether I would be able to get through here or there, its adaptability to the situation and its crossing capacities have changed everything in my life!

I wouldn’t want another wheelchair today for anything in the world!”


User of the Magix

“The Magix is compact, not very wide and can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors! Those 6 wheels make it a wonder. I have gained a lot of independence since I got this electric wheelchair.”


User of the Magix

“We would like to thank you personally for all you have done for us and all the Disabled People in electric wheelchairs who have, or will have the chance to enjoy it!

It is aptly named, the Magix is truly magical!

It will truly enhance our everyday lives!”

Patrick and Michelle

Users of the Magix II, Creators and Managers of the Accessible pour tous network

“A chair that can be adapted to fit into an estate car or even a family car. Makes life easier for a carer! “



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